Integrated Creating Shared Value ‘Hospitality and Services’ Wonderful Indonesia

Identity is a state of having unique identifying or individual characteristics by which a person or thing recognizes or defines itself (Oliver, 2010). Managing corporate identity is about identfying the right image for organization, and communicating it effectively (Wood, 2001). ‘Wonderfull’ is identity that Indonesia want to established on tourism context. Un-fortunately, ‘wonderful’ looks like still abstract and felt not clear enough.IPR definedthat publis relations practices is the deciplineconcerened with the reputation of oragnisations (or products, services, or individuals) with the aim of earning understanding support (Theaker, 2003). PR has important role to make ‘wonderfull’ not only on word but also in fact.

To deliver a message we must to know clear enough about “what is the essence message of wonderful?” “Wonderful” Indonesia is like more verse on Al-Qura’anAr-Rahman, Fa-biayyialaa’iRobbiKumatukadzdziban – which then, of the favours of your Lord will you deny? Indonesian tourism as heaven created by ALLAH S.W.T that’s offer manythings from nature, culture, marine, culinary. But, there is source must be better to pack then we get the point about ‘wonderful’ that is human resources. So, we create wonderful is about ‘hospitality and services’ become value and essence every message delivered by PR. This message must be Integrate on every PR tools from bottom tools till up tools, from Sabang to Merauke. Because tell about identity is we tell about integration of nation.

The PR tools to increase the number of archipelago’s destination both for local and foreign tourists are talking about integration PR tools. Integration of PR tools will support it because the diversiry of target audience. First, PR tools started by integration of internal relations. This is weighting on regional PR from Sabangto Merauke, minimal on PR province. Because, regional PR become first role to makes relations and management to local tourist and make sure foreign tourist. Then, the publicity integration. Publicity is representation from other eyes for Indonesian tourism. Publicity also become a tools to spread ‘hospitality and services’ value. The value should appear on every publicity which is not only wonderful place but also tell about ‘hospitalyit and services’ from community and society. The publicity must integrate from local media, foreign media, online and offline, new media and old media.

Integrated advertising must be consists because advertising can reach a large of target audience. Indonesian tourism use advertising to control content, placement, and timing which fulfilled by message of PR – hospitality and services. Next, integration press argentry and media relations. PR makes good-strong relations with several media and community. Integrations press argentry and media relations include of lobbying. Then, about management issue tools. PR should be proactive to anticapate, indentify, evaluation, and respond every good and bad issue. Every day PR doing is media monitoring. If bad issue appearance PR should manage this issue with press release, make apologize, calling the media and spread press release or make campaign PR if worst issue occurs. Then, make appreciate and say thanks if get praise.

Potentially, existence communities at tourism destination object could be a promotional tool for PR other than goods and products. Noting with deep concern with the fact that many areas are already well known to tourists and became tourists destination, but unfortunately not matched with the community surround there. Take a look on Besakih case, community playing a big role to create identity and perception of tourism destination itself. One example of community participation in tourism is Community Based Tourism (CBT).

Community Based Tourism consist of :
– Ladder of participation, a levels & degrees of community participation as an actors in tourism destination. Through this ladder of participation, PR could organizing and make a stakeholder mapping in that community
– Collaboration Processes and Social Capital, a process of joint decision making and cooperation between government as regulator, local community as a tourism actors, and direct involvement of tourists. Through this process, PR could organize a community relation and communicating that success or failure of a tourism destination is determined by the existence of local community itself.
Why Community Based Tourism is a potentially form that can powered by PR ?
– Local communities in each tourism destination playing an important role as internal stakeholder and directly interact with tourists
– The image and real experience to create value and identity of “Wonderful Indonesia” is represent in community. Through their hospitality and services, value and identity of “Wonderful Indonesia” became a live.
– Community Based Tourism as a way to implement sustainable tourism, because community it self that will continue for generations to strengthening identity and image of “Wonderful Indonesia” through their
Community Based Tourism takes a part for became an intangible object to communicate the value of Wonderful Indonesia, which consists of universality, creativity and friendly nature, the spirit of innovation and renewal, imagination and faith, the balance of common sense. “Wonderful Indonesia” value is a reflection of the high hospitality and acceptance of Indonesian community to others.

According to high penetration of social media in Indonesia, creative solutions that can be done by PR is make a digital campaign #WonderfulIndonesiaNewYear it is a campaign via twitter, facebook, instagram for a year with content from local and foreign tourists. They told of their experiences during the tour in Indonesia for almost a year. At the beginning year of this campaign, it will create awareness and challenge to #NewYearWonderfulIndonesia for local and foreign tourists. At the end of the year #NewYearWonderfulIndonesia campaign is an advocacy tools to show how hospitalities and services also tourism object that span from Sabang to Merauke. It is important to done this #WonderfulIndonesiaNewYear because so far @indtravel content always from official ministry, so it couldn’t facilitate storytelling from local and foreign tourists.

Statement Treat on Public Relations Study Forum UNPAD 2014
by : Arfika Pertiwi Putri & M.Gustiasa


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